Corporate Morality Action Center


The Corporate Morality Action Center was founded by Thomas Strobhar to address the great ethical issues of our day, especially as they apply to one of the most influential groups in our culture, corporations.

Issues like abortion, the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman, and pornography are all affected by the actions of corporations and their owners, the shareholders.

The mission of the Corporate Morality Center is to inform people of the influence corporations have on these issues and, where appropriate, challenge companies that offend traditional moral norms.

Thomas Strobhar brings over twenty years experience of successfully addressing some of the largest corporations in America.  Companies like AT&T, American Express, Berkshire Hathaway, Chase, Ford, General Mills, Microsoft, Target and others have all come to know his intensity and passion.

In addition, Mr. Strobhar has urged religious minded investors to refrain from investing in companies that promote and profit from human weakness through the sale of pornography.  See the attached link where Mr. Strobhar, in a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) documentary, Hardcore Profits, explains Christian objections to pornography while the largest investor of Catholic funds in the world tries to defend their ownership of companies that sell the most offensive material imaginable.

The shareholder resolution has proven to be one of the most effective tools in addressing these issues.  Mr. Strobhar is the author of almost every pro-life shareholder resolution to make the corporate ballot in the previous and current millennia. In contrast, Catholic and Christian religious groups have filed no shareholder resolutions on abortion while filing thousands on almost every other social issue imaginable.  Also, Mr. Strobhar filed what is believed to be the first shareholder resolution challenging the sale of child pornography,  seven years before the Religious Alliance Against Pornography (RAAP) filed their first and only challenge to pornography.

In a nod to ecumenism, the investment practices of the Knights of Columbus, the Christian Brothers Investment Services, Southern Baptist Annuity Board, the United Methodist Board of Pensions have all been exposed by Thomas Strobhar.

The Corporate Morality Action Center will continue this maverick tradition.  It is committed to afflicting the comfortable, be they corporations or religious groups, and aiding those who take seriously the mandate to transform the world.